Trinity Diplomas in Recital

Recital lengths for Trinity diplomas and comparative ABRSM performance diplomas are below. 

ATCL Recital

LTCL Recital

FTCL Recital

32-38 min

37-43 min

42-48 min




35 min ±10%

40 min ±10%

50 min ±10%

Timings for Trinity include only the duration of pieces and excludes any breaks between items; ABRSM timings includes breaks between items.  Examiners may stop the recital if the prescribed duration is exceeded.

Trinity Recital Diploma Repertoire Choices

If you choose your pieces from Trinity's pre-approved repertoire lists from page 18 of the syllabus onwards, no further approval needs to be obtained from Trinity.

However, should you decide to play any own-choice pieces, the entire programme, including pieces chosen from the pre-approved lists will have to be approved by Trinity.

As the preparation time for diploma exams is usually at least one year, it is best to obtain approval of the programme way before the registration period for the exam to avoid any last minute surprises.  Candidates should not assume that a programme would be approved just because it is found in another exam board's repertoire list e.g. ABRSM.

The proposed programme should be sent via email to the following email for approval:

Read here for Guidelines on Submission of Proposed Exam Repertoire.

ATCL and LTCL Recital

This exam has 2 sections :

Recital (90% weightage)

Presentation skills and programme notes (10% weightage)  

The passing mark for is 60% and the assessment criteria can be found on page 89 of the Trinity diploma syllabus here.

Tip for Top Marks in Presentation

Dressing up as a concert pianist would, presenting yourself well and preparing professional-type programme notes can give you an excellent presentation score.

FTCL Recital

There are also 2 sections in this exam:

Recital of 42-48 mins

Presentation skills and programme notes

This exam is either Approved or Not Approved and no marks are given.

Guidelines for submitting your proposed Trinity diploma exam repertoire:

1. Title the email with the candidate's full name, the instrument played and the title of diploma applied for.

2. List the composer, title and source of every piece.  Put an asterix (*) against the works chosen from the syllabus.

3. Be prepared to wait at least six weeks for a response from Trinity Guildhall.  Some proposals take up to twenty weeks for the final approval when adjustments are required.

4. Expect to receive a permission notification valid for an exam taken within 5 years of the approval.  It must be kept and shown to the examiner at the start of the diploma exam.

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