My Piano Teaching Approach

My piano teaching approach strives to bring out the best potential in musicality and technique for each student.  Read on long term objectives and components of my piano lessons here.

As a piano teacher, one significant goal is to help the student find the joy of expression in playing the piano.

Adapting my lessons to different students, I work more quickly with talented students and slower with those who need a bit more explanation. 

My Piano Teaching Values

Foster enjoyment and love for music

Be patient and supportive

Encourage every effort and progress

Make lessons interesting and challenging

Provide honest and constructive feedback to students

Be systematic

Build up musicality

Nurture a sensitive musical ear

Strengthen tonal expression on the piano

Play with understanding

Promote physical awareness

Train up technical skill systematically

Emphasise diligence and always doing your best

Provide clear instructions on how to overcome challenges

Provide powerful practice solutions for effective learning

Challenge students to work to a high standard

Value quality over quantity

Provide opportunities for students to excel in exams and performance

Nurture confident pianists and performers

Use the best pedagogical books available in piano learning

Develop a wide repertoire for the students

Encourage sharing, performance and excellence

Read about my Student Achievements here.

› My teaching approach

› My teaching approach

› My teaching approach