Quick Study Lessons for
ABRSM Piano Diploma

Do you need help with Quick Study?  You are not alone.  Many students who are decent sight readers in their grade exams find that they are unable to reach the standard required at the ABRSM diploma level.

Teaching Quick Study is one of my favourites.  I have helped many diploma students overcome this test as part of their diplomas.

In my LRSM piano diploma in which I passed with distinction, I scored 13 out of15 in this section (passing mark: 6) for "an impressively fluent and competent account." 

While many have said that sight reading skills are inborne, I would like to add that it is equally trainable to a high level in a diligent student.

Quick Study Lessons

Scoring well requires clear understanding of musical elements, focused guidance and well-directed practice.  I picked up this skill with one of piano teachers, Martina Maixnerova.  At that time, I was already not bad a sight reader but the tips and guidance she provided improved my reading a few notches! 

Up till then, I never knew that sight reading could be taught.  Now, I know better and equip my students with these same skills I have.

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The ABRSM Quick Study Test

This test involves performing a short piece of music at sight.  The candidate is given 5 min to study and try out the piece before the performance. 

The piece is usually about two pages long and from a later musical period.

Playing the piece with fundamentals like rhythm, key, general tempo and character in place as well as paying attention to details like dynamics, accents, tempo changes, key changes or time changes are important in this test.

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