Group ABRSM Music Theory Lessons
with Clara Ong at Novena

Group ABRSM music theory lessons with Clara Ong allows individually-paced learning which facilitates a thorough understanding of challenging topics. 

Having experienced learning quickly and effectively in this lesson format in her early years, Clara makes this available now to her students.

This is especially useful in ABRSM music theory lessons grades 6, 7 and 8 where students have differing aptitudes and find different topics challenging.

Quicker students and those with prior experience are able to progress rapidly without being held back and those who need more time find a conducive setting to thoroughly understand concepts without holding back the class.

ABRSM Theory Lessons at Novena

Clara Ong conducts group ABRSM graded theory lessons at her studio a few minutes' walk from Novena MRT.  

Lessons typically prepare students for the following exams:

  • Grade 5 ABRSM online theory exam
  • Grade 6 ABRSM paper-based exam (optional)
  • Grade 8 ABRSM paper-based exam

Students may start lessons from their current level.  Grade 1 to 5 theory is taught using a clear and uncomplicated approach.

Clara loves teaching higher grade theory in a simple and effective way. Complicated topics like harmony and melody writing are made easy using well-tested approaches to the questions.

All students are taught systematically so that they are well-prepared to apply the knowledge when required.

There are 2 group theory sessions on Saturdays:

  • 9.15am-10.30am
  • 10.30am-11.45am

Each student attends a total of 10 lessons of group theory each term.  Each lesson lasts 1hr to 1.5h depending on the size of the class.  There are four terms in a year.

Theory lessons feature:

  • Three to Five students in each lesson 
  • Individual attention
  • Flexibility for makeup lessons
  • Time savings on exam preparation
  • Good and effective learning!

Prerequisite for grades 6-8 theory is grade 5 theory.


High Scores

Most of my theory students do the grade 5, grade 6 and grade 8 theory exams. At grade 5 level, most students score distinctions.  These are the high scores:

  • 72/75 marks Distinction in online grade 5 theory 
  • 93/100 marks Distinction in grade 6 paper-based theory
  • 94/100 marks Distinction in grade 8 paper-based theory


Group ABRSM Music Theory Lessons at Novena

Saturday ABRSM music theory lessons with Clara Ong are held at Novena, opposite United Square off Thomson Road.  Group ABRSM music theory lesson fees are $500 per term of three months.

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Theory Exam Preparation Time

Grade 1 to 5 Theory

For those preparing for the grade 5 exam, it takes about 9 months to a year to complete the entire grade 1 to 5 syllabus and be well-prepared for the exam.

Grade 6 Theory

This is an important foundation grade for all higher grade theory.  On average, preparation time for a grade 6 theory exam is about 9 months to a year. Those who prefer to skip this exam are assessed internally before proceeding to the next grade.

Grade 7 to 8 Theory

For grades 7 to 8, it takes about a year in total.  This may be slightly shorter or longer depending on prior knowledge and progress of the student. 

Why Learn Higher Grade Theory?

If you love music and enjoy understanding the music you play or hear, this is the course for you!

Music theory knowledge is essential in playing with understanding and interpreting pieces in a musical way.  

Higher grade theory knowledge helps you identify special chords and keys used by composers in the music so you can take special care when playing them.

In addition, ABRSM grades 6 to 8 theory gives you a fundamental understanding of harmony (chords), melody writing and reading scores which benefits higher grade aural a great deal.

This knowledge helps you interpret the pieces you play at higher grade, diploma and advanced levels, supports Viva Voce section in the DipABRSM and LRSM piano diploma exam and also supports MEP students in their school work.

Last but not least, grade 5 theory is a prerequisite to higher grade ABRSM practical exams and higher grade theory is a prerequisite to a piano teaching diploma.

Please check here for latest ABRSM theory exams fees and schedule.

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