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If you are a like-minded teacher visiting this site, welcome!

No matter how good a teacher is, there are times when he/she may have free slots due to students completing their studies, changes in scheduling etc.  If that sounds like you, I would like to help you fill those available slots! receives many requests for good teachers from students passionate about learning music.

If you:

  • are at least 18 years old
  • have experience of teaching piano of at least 2 years
  • have completed at least a piano diploma or degree
  • love teaching
  • are constantly developing your skills as a pianist/teacher
  • conduct your teaching in a professional and ethical way

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We would like to refer students to you according to your teaching preferences.

Registration is free. A standard referral fee is payable only upon successful referral, half of which will be donated to charitable causes.

Referral Fees

Level of Student Referred

Beginners to grade 3

Grades 4 to 5

Grades 6 to 8  







How referrals work

1. Upon receipt of your registration, only teachers who meet the specified criteria will be shortlisted.

2. Only duly completed registration forms with all criteria met will be accepted. 

3. On receipt of our acknowledgement email, please send in your supporting documents.

4.  When your documents are in order, registration is complete and suitable students will be referred accordingly.

5. When students are successfully referred, a standard referral fee is payable.  As a way to contribute to society, half of the referral fee will be donated to charitable causes.

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