Do I Need a Good Piano Teacher? 

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A good piano teacher is essential to guide a student towards his full potential in music. There is a wide range of teachers available in Singapore but a good piano teacher would firm your steps towards musical success.

While there are natural abilities in terms of musicality, intellect and coordination skills, much of it is cultivated by hard work and good training. 

Even students with a high ability to start with need a good piano teacher to train and refine a discerning ear, technical skill and breadth of musical understanding.

Discovering a Student's Musicality

Many years ago, a young beginner student started lessons who was not able to sing in tune.  'Tone deaf' as many would call it.  Taking patience and time to train this diligent student systematically, he was singing in tune in months.  With appropriate training, his ear was developed and over the years completed his ABRSM grade 8 with high distinction and his piano diploma.

Good Habits in Playing Piano

While learning piano, many habits are being formed at a subconscious level.  Such habits include:

At the early levels, good habits in reading, listening, muscular coordination and self-awareness are necessary to lay a good foundation for more complex playing later on. 

Depending on the natural musicality and psychomotor skills of the learner, students without appropriate instruction from teachers are likely to form poor habits.

When problems surface, many students end up discouraged and sadly feel that they are simply 'not musical.'  Some give up altogether while a few give 'one last chance' by changing piano teachers.

Good habits whether technically, musically and in listening on the other hand, when taught by the piano teacher since young become a firm foundation on which more advanced pieces may be picked up more easily.

Reworking Habits with Transfer Students to Find New Success

This is one of the areas I am passionate about in my teaching - to help students find success no matter how late. I believe that no student should feel like they have failed at the piano if they have put in their hard work.

When poor habits are left uncorrected, many students find their technique and musical understanding inadequate especially in grades 6 to 8.  Their piano playing skills need extensive relearning.

After some time of focused and detailed reworking of piano playing habits it was my joy to see many of these transfer students play well enough to achieve a merit and distinction at ABRSM grade 8 piano level. 

Correcting Poor Habits

Consistent correction of poor habits is essential to students who started poorly and wish to advance in playing piano. 
As poor habits are a result of years of misguided practice, they are not that easy to correct.

However, with a good teacher and a diligent student, such habits can usually be corrected to a good degree. 

There are quite many cases of diligent transfer students who have failed grade 8 piano exams before who after less than a year of intensive lessons with me obtained a Merit.  With a longer learning time and correcting habits, one or two even got to a Distinction.  

Needless to say, we were all overjoyed!

It's never too late.

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› Do I need a good piano teacher?

› Do I need a good piano teacher?

› Do I need a good piano teacher?