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Welcome! This is Clara Ong, a private piano teacher in Singapore with a music studio in central Singapore.  Passionate about music, my website shares many valuable experiences with parents and students interested in learning the piano well.  It also shares information to help parents make well-informed choices for children starting out at the piano or advancing to higher levels.

I love music and believe that everyone deserves a chance to learn it well. 

Make the most of your opportunity and enjoy music to the fullest!

About Private Piano Teacher.Com

Private-Piano-Teacher.com was founded in 2005 out of a passion to help piano students learn music well and spread the joy of making beautiful music.

It was when I was 13 that my musical learning journey suddenly soared as a result of a new teacher my mum had newly engaged. 

Today, it is my turn as a piano teacher to pay it forward - to teach my students in a way that I wish I was taught in my early years and to encourage those I cannot teach to find their way toward a fulfilling musical journey.

All opinions I share are sincere and carefully considered.  It is indeed my privilege to be able to share with you; be it choosing a piano teacher, finding an instrument, learning better or taking an exam, I hope you find something that interests you.

Piano Lessons at
Clara's Studio

All lessons are tailored to the student's needs and
bring out the best in each student.

Beyond doing well in exams, students develop confidence through performance opportunities and
interest and enjoyment through
good piano technique and a sensitive musical ear.

Success at the Piano

Success at the piano is a combination of many factors and from my observations through the years, here are the key factors:

1. Home Support

Parental support including practice support and encouragement is important.  Steady family support is in my opinion one of the most important factors especially for the young ones.

2. Piano

Having a decent or good piano to practise on is essential.  For those learning classical piano, an acoustic piano is ideal.

3. Personality and Focus

The ability to focus and concentrate, to listen attentively and be patient with details is important in playing music well.  This is cultivated through the learning journey but students do start at different places.

4. Piano Teacher

When the above 3 factors are in place, a good piano teacher is able to bring up the musicality and technique of the student significantly from wherever the student begins.

5. Musicality

Some students are more musically inclined than others.  However, this can also be taught to a good degree.  A student can learn what is considered musical and improve from wherever he or she is at.

6. Coordination

Students who are good with motor skills are often well-coordinated at the piano.  Wherever they start, every student trains to be even more coordinated and dexterous when taught well.

7. Nurturing Musical Interest

Help piano students develop interest in music by listening to and watching many music performances, reading stories about composers and making music with friends and family.

8. Encourage Performances

Encourage students to be confident performers. Successful performances motivate students to be better pianists!

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