Terms and Conditions of Student Referrals

A piano teacher who registers with Private-Piano-Teacher.com will be referred to as the Registrant.  Piano-Private-Teacher.com is only a referrer of students and not an agent of the Registrant. 

The Registrant must ensure that:

1. All information provided is accurate, true and complete.

2. Supporting documents are authentic.

3. Professional standards are maintained.

Private-Piano-Teacher.com is fully indemnified from any liabilities arising from dispute between the student and Registrant.

Referral Fees

4.  A standard referral fee is to be paid by the Registrant for any student referred to the Registrant by Private-Piano-Teacher.com or its representatives.

5.  Referral fees may be subject to change on periodic review and teachers will be notified accordingly.

6.  The Registrant must make payment of the relevant referral fee within 5 calendar days of the first lesson.

7.  Where single trial lessons are given, a standard referral fee is charged as follows:

  • Beginners to Grade 5                    $40 per student
  • Grades 6 to 8                                  $50 per student
  • Post-grade 8 and Diploma           $60 per student