Improve ABRSM Exam Results By Improving Your Teaching

This course for piano teachers focuses on elements of the ABRSM graded exam syllabus:

  • Exam Pieces (Current syllabi)
  • Scales
  • Sight Reading
  • Aural

The course content is flexible depending on your teaching levels and needs. You may choose to focus on exam pieces only and on particular grades.  There is a minimum of one term of ten lessons.


  • Grade 8 Practical
  • Grade 5 Theory

Exam Pieces

Technical, musical and stylistic issues related to teaching the exam pieces will be discussed.  Useful solutions to common problems would be explored.  Criteria for scoring will also be covered.

Scales and Arpeggios

Some questions answered would be:

  • Common problems in teaching scales and arpeggios
  • Correcting common problems
  • How to score well in scales and arpeggios

Sight Reading

Sight reading is one of the skills I love teaching.  My students have scored consistent pass marks in sight reading, mostly scoring between 16 to 18 marks out of 21.  There has also been a student scoring full marks in a grade 6 sight reading.

Here are some questions I will help you with:

  • Is sight reading simply a natural skill? 
  • How does one train sight reading?
  • Can it improve with practice?
  • How do I score a high mark?


Aural can be trained.  In my teaching, I have seen that most students are able to at least pass their aural with some clear and focused teaching and practice.  Certainly, those who are naturally gifted in aural can score full marks with this same guidance, even at high grades.

Lessons on teaching aural will focus on how to teach aural effectively.