Reviews of My Pianos

Beautiful pianos are such a joy to play on! Read my review on my Yamaha pianos, Bohemia piano and some other pianos I've grown to like.

1. Knight Piano Review

This was the first upright piano I played on when I started learning music in kindergarten. It was an old second-hand European piano, a low model, probably more than 10 years old!

I was too little at that time to know the difference but my mum always says that it was a very good piano. Well-made, durable and with lovely tone.

I can't remember much about this piano except that after a couple of years we switched to a high-end Yamaha upright.

2. Yamaha Piano Review

This upright Yamaha piano, I grew up with and is still with my mum. It has been more than 20 years already since we bought it brand new!  I practised on it for most of my graded exams. 

What I like about this piano is that it is really durable and even-toned. Even up till today, keys are quite even-toned. There have been no mechanical problems and was rather maintenance free apart from regular tuning.

This piano is responsive enough to train a good ear and very lasting. Quite a good investment especially when it was used by me, my mum, my brother and my sis.

Later years

It underwent very heavy use when I was taking my diploma exams. I practised 4 to 6 hours a day for months, playing very demanding works for the instrument like Beethoven sonatas, Prokofiev sonatas and the like.

As a result, today, the keys are much lighter, the hammer felt has rather deep grooves and dynamic range is more or less limited. I don't blame Yamaha really. Any piano would have taken quite a beating!

This Yamaha is still a faithful companion!

3. Yamaha Grand Piano Review

My parents bought this Yamaha piano when I was in my higher grades. I prepared some diploma exams on this.

I remember that when I first played on this, the keys felt a little heavy to me. In order to get the same tone on a grand, I needed to play into the key more and with more strength.

It was very timely to have a grand at home. Training my technique was crucial for me at that time and it really helped to have a piano with a heavier touch.

It was also more responsive than the upright and better for cultivating a sensitive ear.

Of course, it looked quite impressive in the home too!

Today, I use a Yamaha C2 grand piano in my studio and I love it.

4. Bohemia Upright Piano Review

After years of playing on Yamaha, I finally decided to try a new make. I asked around and tried a few pianos. A prominent local pianist recommended me this piano which I now use in my studio.

It is reliable and one of my favourites in terms of tone. It has a superb singing tone which I fell in love with! In terms of evenness of tone, I would say that Yamaha at this point seems to be better. Regardless, I am still enjoying my Bohemia which I bought brand new.

Dream Pianos

1. Bösendorfer

This is a beautiful instrument used by many musicians and reputable music conservatories worldwide.

This upright was used by my Czech concert pianist teacher. When I first played on it, I thought that it must be the heaviest piano to play on!

The tone is incredible and the dynamic range excellent. It is highly responsive as well.

Of course, with the cash and the space, the grand would be even better!

2. Steinway and Sons

I played on Steinway grands in concert and in European conservatories. These are so highly reputable for their excellent tonal range and response.

It is the choice of many artistes, music conservatories and concert halls, even Singapore's very own Yong Siew Toh Conservatory.

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