Buying pianos: Which one suits me?

For beginners, mid-grade or more advanced students, there is a piano that is more suitable for you.

Beginners and Mid-grade Students

Choosing a key weight that is suited to the technical level of the player would help develop good technique. For beginners and mid-grade students, as fingers are still developing strength and control, it is often good to go for lighter to medium weight keyboards.

Uprights usually have lighter keyboards than grand pianos. Different makes have differing key weights as well.

ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall graded exams in Singapore are mostly taken on uprights.

More Advanced Students

Moving from mid to higher grades, where technique is developing well with the grades, it may be necessary to upgrade the piano to move to the next level of technique. Firmer keyboards would help develop better strength and control after basic technique is achieved. Better tonal responsiveness of the piano would help develop aural sensitivity and a wide tonal range for the player.

Grand pianos as well as many European uprights usually have a heavier key weight. Students in advanced grades or diploma level would benefit from practising on these.

Where there is enough space in the home, a grand would be most beneficial.

All ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall diploma exams in Singapore are taken on grands.

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