Group ABRSM Music Theory Lessons
with Clara Ong

Group music theory lessons with Clara Ong allow learning at a pace tailored to the student's needs.  Having experienced learning quickly and effectively in this lesson format in her early years, Clara makes this available now to her students.

Each student finds different topics challenging and can always gain a thorough grasp of each topic before moving on.

Quicker students will be able to progress rapidly and those who need more time will feel comfortable in the setting to thoroughly understand concepts without holding back the class.

Clara Ong conducts group ABRSM graded theory lessons at her studio a few minutes' walk from Novena MRT.  All are welcome.

ABRSM Theory
Saturdays 9.30am-11am and 11am-12.30pm

Each student attends a total of 15 hr of group theory tuition each term.  This is allocated as ten lessons of 1.5 hr each.  There are four terms in a year, each quarter making one term.

Theory lessons feature:

  • Small class size (with individual attention)
  • Longer 1.5 hr lesson time (secure new concepts during class time)
  • Flexibility in doing makeup lessons (with notice provided)
  • Time savings on exam preparation time
  • Effective learning (score merits and distinctions)
  • Good value for lesson fees

Theory With Friends

For those able to gather 2-5 students to form a small group class, you are welcome to email me regarding availability and fees. 

Theory Exam Preparation Time

Grade 6 Theory

This is an important foundation grade for all higher grade theory.  On average, preparation time for a grade 6 theory exam is one year. Those who prefer to skip this exam are assessed internally before proceeding to the next grade.

Grade 7 to 8 Theory

For grades 7 to 8, it takes about a year in total.  This may be slightly shorter or longer depending on prior knowledge and progress of the student. 

Grade 1 to 5 Theory

For those preparing for the grade 5 exam, it takes about 9 months to a year to complete the entire grade 1 to 5 syllabus and be well-prepared for the exam.

ABRSM Music Theory Fees

Group theory fees are as follows:

Grades 1-5

Grade 6   

Grade 7    

Grade 8    

$390 per term ($130 per month)                             

$390 per term ($130 per month)

$420 per term ($140 per month)

$450 per term ($150 per month)

Prerequisite for grades 6-8 theory is grade 5 theory.

ABRSM theory exams are held in March/April and October each year. 

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Why Learn Higher Grade Theory?

Music theory knowledge is essential in playing music with understanding, in interpreting piano pieces and in interpreting scores and styles.  This is only possible with higher grade theory knowledge.  Grade 5 theory is insufficient as it is rather basic.

Taking a higher grade ABRSM music theory lesson can not only be interesting and relevant, it can also improve your understanding and performance of music.  In ABRSM grades 6 to 8, understanding harmony (chords), melody writing and reading scores benefits higher grade aural a great deal.

Grade 5 theory is a prerequisite to higher grade ABRSM practical exams and higher grade theory is a prerequisite to a piano teaching diploma.

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