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Welcome! This is Clara Ong, a private piano teacher in Singapore, a Fellow of the Trinity College of Music in piano performance and a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music with distinction in piano teaching.

I love music and believe that everyone deserves a chance to learn it well.  Unfortunately, not all music students have that chance.

This site is dedicated to students and parents who would like to make the most of their opportunity and enjoy music to the fullest!

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Students of all levels learn music in a
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I love helping students develop
interest and enjoyment in music through
refined piano technique, expressive musicality and
artistic excellence.

Discover your potential & enjoy making  beautiful music!

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Musicality and Technique

Some students are better at singing and rhythm, while others have better motor skills.

Nurturing musicality and strengthening piano technique helps students improve well and enjoy music. 

When guided effectively, all students can have a chance to play piano beautifully.